Calling all tools!

Ever heard the saying “when the only tool you have is a hammer…every problem looks like a nail.” 

Today’s blog is all about shedding some light on why it might be time to lay down your hammer! Calling all tools! Lets start building the life you were born to ENJOY! 

At enjoy chi we discover and explore endless tools, techniques and possibilities for clients to enjoy. We see problems as possibilities.

I admit I was never much of a handy-woman.  Maybe that’s due to the fact that all I had in my toolbox for most of my life was a hammer. 

In school, I banged out straight A’s.  In college even before I graduate, I pounded and paved my way right through the front door of the top CPA firm in the world. 

For over 15 years as a CPA, I snuffed the candles out at 3am.

I spent day and night hammering home audit and tax advice to boards of directors who hung on my every word.  They would barely recognize me today. 

Hell!  I hardly recognize me today AND that’s because one day I decided to retire my hammer and stop seeing every problem as a nail.  I was literally banging my head against a wall, nail holes popping out at every corner.  It hurt so much to see and feel, I was torn up ‘till one day I laid it all down and opened myself up the thought that there must be a better way. It was then I saw the nails were not nails at all. They were not the problem. My approach to them was. I realized I was not only limiting myself by using the wrong tool, and also that I needed new ones.

If you’re feeling as if you are stuck and nail holes are popping out poking you at every wall you face…may I suggest you lay down your hammer?  I’m not suggesting you quit the job, relationship, diet, whatever you see as the problem and simply move on to the next one.  I am suggesting you get some new tools to help you see things for what they really are and to finally build the life of your dreams. 

There are tons of tools available that would be wonderful to have in your back pocket.  Consider for a second they might just be the solution to helping you enjoy the life you are currently building with a hammer. 

A hammer friends, a hammer, a hammer, still a hammer…just a hammer!?!?!?!???


Please stop.  Lay your hammer down. My head hurts for you.

Let’s nail this home. 

  1. Power tools are safe and affordable and they get the job done fast.  

  2. Mallets are softer than hammers and sometimes its good to just tap it out.    

  3. Here’s a phrase I love…”many hands make light work”.  Lighten the load with a lift. 

  4. You were born with two hands and they were not intended to be hammers.  See #2 above.

  5. Screw it. Get spinning! Isn’t it time you evolved. Turns out the world does revolve around you. We need you fired up and in motion. PS the chi loves a spiral…just sayin’


So you’re ready for new tools? 

Ready to see the problems for what they truly are?  Endless possibilities!!!! HOW EXCITING!

Tons of tools are available to you. 

My expert advice…take the focus off the nails just long enough to go out and secure a few new tools. 

I’d love to hear what solutions show up for you 

My guess is once you build yourself up you will really begin enjoying the project of your life!  Let me know how I can help! I love what I do and I love the tools I get to share.