Positive Proof: Belief Trumps Genes


“Belief trumps genes,” she said so effortlessly…


A few weeks back a friend tagged me on a clip from Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday featuring best-selling author and pioneer in the field of women’s health and wellness, Dr. Christiane Northrup.  I was intrigued by this simple exercise she described from Dr. Mario Martinez to prove anyone can feel ageless and belief trumps genes.

The exercise she suggested…

“Find a picture of yourself when you were truly happy and remember how great that felt then look at it several times a day and live as if you feel that way now”, she said.

Voila! Belief trumps genes! Simple and so intriguing to me!

I couldn’t wait to put this exercise to the test with my Taijifit class that morning.

Read on for my non-scientific study that proves belief trumps genes…

Test subjects: 25 willing Monday morning age-less souls of all ages and me.

Commence testing, queue the music, let’s flow!  

“Welcome everyone. I’m Kristin O. and you are in for a real treat today!” I shared the Dr.’s concept on belief trumping aging and invited my Taijifit class to imagine themselves as the age they were most happy and healthy. I asked them to embody that age, not to reminisce about it, but to actually be it, and believe they are it now.  I then told them,  “I’m currently my 7-year-old self, complete with pigtails, so please excuse me if I giggle and sigh a lot during class.” Oddly, no one walked out of the room. “Super!”

And so we began to play, just like we do every Monday. Only this week, my 7-year-old self took the class on a sled ride down a snowy trail, floating on a ride in a cloud, then dragged us all back inside to our warm and cozy couches. At the sound of Mom’s voice calling us home, we of course took a detour to “destination Ahhh” stopped off at the Fair for a long stretch of taffy then landed joyfully back home safely.

You really had to be there.

If I’ve lost you, no worries, sometimes my 7-year-old self makes no sense. Thanks for your patience.

Note: Kids of all ages require patience.

All this childlike imagery and the associated Taijifit moves are not really the point here anyway. The point is all 25 people played along and at the end of the class several thanked me and shared their “happy-healthy-age” awesome Taijifit experience.

Laughs and joyful people of all ages flowed out the door of my studio. I was pleased as punch! And then just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I saw one of my regulars heading my way with purpose.

“Hey did you see I used both my arms today?” she called out from across the room. For weeks she had been modifying our movements using only her “good” arm. “Yes, I saw that. I’m glad your arm feels better.” I replied. “Yes it does, because, my 7-year-old self doesn’t have any pain in her arm. All good! “ She winked, thanked me and went flowing out the door.

Positive proof ~belief trumps aging!

If you don’t believe me, it’s ok…culturally adults have a history of reacting to 7-year-olds with dis-belief.  Turns out, it’s a learned behavior, just like how we age.