Do You Love What You Do?


Do you LOVE WHAT YOU DO? OR do you, as the saying goes, JUST DO IT?


I am Kristin Marie, proud owner of Enjoy Chi, LLC.  Growing up, I played several sports and always valued fitness in my life.  I enjoyed being a part of a team.  I was proud of our successes both individually and as a team.  I learned the invaluable life lessons that come from winning and losing.  Most of all I had fun and I loved being in motion!  People who know me often say I am so full of life.  My response is always, “you are too!”  It’s sorta basic to being alive right?  My step-son used to ask me, “Do you ever sit down?”  Well in fact I do.  I am actually sitting down today to share some of my thoughts on why at 41, I decided to pursue Movement Coaching…

A few years ago, about 7 miles into one of my marathon training runs, I started to sense a nagging pain in my right knee.  After about another 100 yds. the pain was so severe it literally stopped me in my tracks and I limped home feeling completely defeated.  I knew my good friend’s husband owned Dynamic Health and Fitness and was some sort of personal trainer or something and I knew he was known in the community for helping athletes recover from injuries and well, I called him for HELP!  Looking back, it was that “one” phone call that set in motion (no pun intended) my path to becoming a Movement Coach.  That “one” phone call started me on my way to fixing the damage I had done from over training, but also, it sparked in me a curiosity of how I could help others do the same.  As a client of Dynamic’s I started to understand traditional fitness vs. functional fitness.  I began questioning the movements I had always viewed as exercise but now saw them as they related to my daily life.  I developed a respect for how our bodies are designed to move in 3D and how honoring that dramatically impacted my own ability to move.  Most importantly I felt better, functioned better, and knew at last I had found a career I could LOVE DOING.

What is the “one” thing you can do today to start enjoying what you do?  I can guarantee it will involve movement.  Even if you are simply sitting still thinking about the “one” thing you are alive and therefore moving.  Spend a minute today honoring what you Love and considering how to move that Love into what you do.

Becoming Certified in Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute was only the beginning of my journey to become a Movement Coach.  My new business, Enjoy Chi is growing, keeping me busy and filling me with so much energy.  I can’t wait to share it with others.  I am learning more each day, reading, observing, studying, and finally loving what I’m doing!  It’s a moving endeavor (couldn’t resist one more cliche…) and one I am excited to share with you as you follow along on my blog.

I would love to hear how movement has impacted your life.  Let me know what you think about my developing website.  Contact me to come to a class.  And remember to always Enjoy Chi.

Check back to read more about where the name Enjoy Chi came from? What it means? How you can Enjoy Chi?  My thoughts on various movement topics, and much much more.  See you soon.  Kristin Marie, Enjoy Chi.