End of Summer Anxiety Busters


The end of summer and change of seasons always stir up some of what my hubs loves to call “seasonal transitional anxiety”.

When I’m racing around the house looking for my rain boots instead of the sunscreen, he politely whispers under his breath. “STA…same story different season.” He’s right, of course, so I can’t actually kill him this season.

Suddenly, everything from the air to the “what to wear?” gets stirred up and called into question and everyone’s energy is heightened and mixed-up ’till the new season becomes the new norm…’till the next season arrives and we do it all again. Sub out sunscreen, for rain boots, for UGGS, for umbrellas and round and round again we go:

T R A N S I T I O N S!!!! Ugh…right?!?!

I actually write myself a note to remind myself we WILL all get used to wearing jeans again, in about 30-90 days.

Don’t get tripped up by the transitions. Everyone gets tripped up by the transitions.

Reality rules!

1) Leave yourself some helpful reminders to take it slow. Write it down. Lay it down. So it doesn’t have to weigh you down.

2) Play around with some new moves today but keep it simple. Inhale Exhale are two of my FALL FAVES!

3) Drink lots of water. (obvi??? NOT really when you’re drowning!!! Water is a life boat all year round!)

4) Know where a safe dock you can get to IS at all times.

5) Don’t go it alone. Friends don’t let friends FALL long in any season.

Wondering about the energy of the fall? You might enjoy reading up on it from a new perspective. Shine a little light on the summer blues and embrace your new understanding of what you’re experiencing. https://www.chinesemedicineliving.com/nutrition/seasons/fall/

Sending all who are feeling the end of summer blues some calming energy heading into the first weekend of fall. It’s always nice to remind ourself docks do exist all year round.


P.S. The sun rises and falls daily. So may we.