Essential Oils | There's a Difference



There are many places to buy essential oils. Heck even saw some at a clothing store today. Not all oils are the same. I work for a family-owned, ethical company, Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic. We sell SOIL association certified Organic, fair wild, essential oils and have been sourcing and producing them ourself or over 35 years through fair trade. We provide safe and ethical guidance and conservatively follow the NAHA guidelines that recommend inhalation as the best and safest way to use all essential oils.

Don’t be fooled by other essential oil companies brilliant marketing terms and profit-minded marketing that encourages you quite literally to drink their kool-aid (AKA pure therapeutic grade Essential oils).


Let’s break down some common myths about essential oils.

1) Food grade essential oils are safe to ingest…

2) The best oils to buy are labeled therapeutic grade or pure therapeutic grade…

3) Oils and oil blends can cure diseases from cancer to the common cold…

False. False. False.

Each of these myths represents brilliant marketing. Period.

No third party regulating body or governing agency provides, validates or honors these labels, terms, or claims.

Fact 1: Food is just that, food. So essential oils from an orange or lemon that you eat would obviously also be food and therefore food grade…Brilliant marketing. The problem is that the concentration of essential oils derived from foods is so high that it is still unwise to ingest them unless you are a trained aromatherapist, pharmacist, holistic MD, who can prescribe and monitor the ingestion safely and wisely. The average individual dropping lemon essential oil in their water each morning needs to know the risks associated with overuse and potential internal organ damage. I don’t know about you but I shy away from taking advice on my body from a sales rep.

Fact 2: Pure and simple, By definition high-quality oils are pure and may be used therapeutically. We verify the quality of our oils through a third-party certifying body that not only certifies our oils but also certifies other reputable companies. The SOIL association is one of the worlds most respected and recognized agencies. We feel good about providing essential oils and other health and beauty products that follow the strictest standards in the world. Many well-meaning oil companies set their own standards and outsource their production. It boils down to this. There is third-party certified organic and there is everything else. And in the everything else category…you just don’t know.

Fact 3: Whether or not oils cure common or uncommon ailments remains to be proven.  I personally love incorporating them into our life but I do my own research and defer to those who are truly experts as to use.  I follow NAHA guidelines and encourage my customers, clients, family and friends to do the same.  Get health advice from medical experts (holistic and other), not from sales reps! Also, I know the blends are enticing, words like CALMING, JOYFUL, STOP THIEF all lovely, but often it’s cheaper and even more empowering to learn what makes you feel those words.  I personally find JOY in saving a few bucks and creating my own unique blends.

Bottom line! Do your own research and make informed decisions when it comes to what you ingest and use on and in your body!

Start HERE with this article from the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, a very telling piece that supports caution and care and respect for essential oils.