A Flame About This High


Let’s face it we all get burned and we all need good CHI!

We get Chi from our folks.  We are born with some of their CHI…and we pass it on to our kids along…and so on…and so forth.  Thanks and you’re welcome. Move on…

It seeps into us from our planet and those around us.  We know that is filled with lots of good CHI right????  A subject for another blog post…

Did you ALSO know CHI is in what we EAT?  AND…how things are grown, how close to it’s natural state, as well as our mere mood when cooking can affect the chi we eat!  So, if you’re not in love with how you feel…you might want to stop and think about whether you love what you’re feeding yourself.

Do you consume good CHI ? ? ?

Are you begrudgingly serving up slop or

Are you cooking with “BAM”, as Emeril Lagasee so joyfully exclaims!

Which reminds me of my father-in-law… who had the best one liner’s!

My father-in-law had a knack for finding me in my kitchen, just as I was getting ready to drain the pasta and take everything out of the oven, and tell me his one liner.

I had a knack for letting my anxiety get the best of me in my kitchen.  I would become so engrossed in cups and quarts, stirring and timing, serving up a family meal, I was literally stewing while everyone else was sipping wine.  Flames were shooting out the top of my head and I honestly believed no one noticed!  He did.  And he always helped me lighten up.

In the moment, I did not appreciate his humor.  Now that he has passed I appreciate hearing him in my head saying…

“Kristin, you know what really burns my ass?

Where upon, he would rest his hand at his hip, palm down and say…

A flame about this high!”

The older I get the more I appreciate good food and good people who fill me up with good CHI rather than burn my ass! Step away from the flame friends!

WE can eliminate all the processed foods, eat only organic, paleo, keto, vegan, gluten free, whatever foods WE want but if WE don’t torch the toxic limiting beliefs WE hold onto about food, WE won’t be healthy or happy.  Toxic limiting beliefs are flames in our minds we either fuel or choose to put out.  They are un-healthy, highly addictive, costly, and grown with NO love.  We all have them.  Like parasites in my gut, once I stopped feeding the freeloaders, I was free to enjoy my best life.

These were a few of MY limiting beliefs on food.  Maybe you’ll recognize them.  Feel free to use the alternatives.  I do.

Limiting belief: No one will eat what I make.  

Alternative:  I will eat what I make.

Limiting belief: Eating well is expensive.  

Alternative: Processed food is expensive. It is literally costing me an arm and a leg.  I am worthy of food that supports my highest health.

Limiting belief: Eating healthy takes a lot of time and energy that I don’t have.  

Alternative:  I have all the time and energy I need in a day to cook and eat how I choose to feel.

Limiting belief: Eating mostly plant based whole foods will leave me hungry.  

Alternative:  The energy of what I consume is vital to my satisfaction in life. I am completely satisfied by food that is alive with good chi.

Here’s my #1 recipe I make everyday, filled with lots of good CHI, very simple to follow.  It’s food for thought, one you can chew on for life, savor, sink your teeth into and really enjoy!


Ingredients: Love and yourself.

Steps: Combine these two ingredients.  Consume daily.

Serves: Everyone you know, including but not limited to…first and foremost…YOU!!!

And now as promised…brussel sprouts…

Natalia arrived with her blender and a bag of minimal food essentials… spinach and an avocado, an onion, an apple, a pear, AND a small bag of brussel sprouts…

Suffice to say she and her fresh-fast-food-fuel-for-life lit me up.  Dare I say she lit a flame about this high under my ass!  Bam!  My kitchen is back in business.  This holiday season consider giving yourself the gift of good CHI.  Help is always a friendly phone call away and if you need a coach I know plenty of good ones.

And now as promised…here ya go…FELLOW BS LOVER WEIRDOS!

Courtesy of Natalia Mordwinkin, Bare Bones Wellness who was light to my kitchen last month.

Courtesy of Natalia Mordwinkin, Bare Bones Wellness who was light to my kitchen last month.

RECIPE #2 – Roasted Brussel Sprouts

1package fresh organic brussel sprouts, ends cut off and cut in half

1 medium -large apple cored and cubed

2-3 fresh garlic cloves minced

4-5 tsp non-refined coconut oil

Salt and pepper to taste

dash of cayenne pepper

tablespoon chili powder to taste

Combine and toss ingredients together

Bake 425 for 30-40 minutes.  Tossing ingredients a few times during roasting process to reassure them they are loved, coat them and cook them evenly.  Like kids, roast ’til tender.