Four Easy #LifeBoosters


Forget #LifeHacks, today we’re talking #LifeBoosters.

Here are 4 easy yet life-changing things we love to do when life starts to get sucky. 

Diffuse Essential Oils


I like an organic blend specifically formulated to balance out the hormones that often keep us from thinking how blessed we are…It’s called women’s balance.  I also love lavender, ylang-ylang, and frankincense. Find them HERE.

Brew Herbal Tea


Choosing a remedy feels a bit like reliving a childhood game. Peppermint is soothing and calming to the digestive system; raspberry leaf for uterine health.  Get creative and have fun whipping up your own potions. Remember you’re not trying to cure your crazy because the real craziness comes from negative thoughts. Don’t let them convince you you’re something you’re not.  You’re a Goddess going about your day, and it just got a little sucky so you pull out your toolbox. Remind yourself “you got this,” and drink to that!


Dance it Out 


I’ve found one of the best ways to raise my energy is to raise my heart rate. Caution: Heart rates can get raised with anger and fear!  Step away from the anger and fear and dance.  Fun and excitement are the healthy heart rate energy infusers you’re going for here.  Grab a hula-hoop, take a brisk walk, (not off a short pier), or just turn on some of your favorite music and dance.  Sing too if you’re looking for extra credit.  The only one judging you is YOU.  If it’s fun and exciting have at it!  It’s a proven fact you cannot be sad while being happy.  So whatever movement exercise gets your heart thumping to a happy beat choose it.  Avoid sad music for obvious reasons.  You’ll have a bit more energy when you’re done and if you sang too you’ll have put into words some really great feelings to take you on your way and even say along your day.  Rhyming is really fun.  Like singing it’s also an added bonus.  Try to rhyme your way through an argument.  You’ll end up on the floor laughing.  So…dance, sing, and rhyme it up.


Phone a Friend


Make a plan to laugh with those girlfriends or boyfriends who can make and take a joke.  This is not the time to call upon your saddest sister.  When your life sucks, it’s not your job to talk anyone else off a ledge.  Nor do you want to call anyone who might agree how sucky your life is.  If you bitch and moan or surround yourself with those who do, you’ll too be perpetuating the suckiness of life, so choose to laugh instead. You are specifically looking for friends who will want to party like its 1999 even if they have their period. That’s right. Phone those friends.

What are some fun, inspiring rituals that really feel great to you?  Create your own toolbox, of sorts, that you can choose from when you need to overcome life’s sucky-ness.  And remember it’s easier to have the toolbox stocked before you run out of nails.

#Lifeboosters. Let’s make it a thing. Have a not-so-sucky day!