Honest Company Keeping You Up at Night?


Honest Company Keeping You Up at Night?


You may all be wondering about the unnatural ingredients that Jessica Alba and The Honest Company are being sued over. NO, REALLY, YOU’RE ALL LOSING SLEEP OVER THIS RIGHT? So here’s the scoop…and here’s the deal on what’s in my NYR Organic products. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Unnatural materials that the lawsuit claims are contained in Honest products include Methylisothiazolinone, a synthetic preservative; Cocamidopropyl Betaine, a synthetic surfactant; Phenoxyethanol, a synthetic preservative; and Sodium Polyacrylate, a petrochemical-based additive.

Are these in the products I sell? The only one from the list that we use is CAPB – here is an excerpt from our ingredients glossary: It is a derivative of Betaine (aka N, N, N-trimethylglycine), a substance that can be found in sugar beet. Cocamidopropyl Betaine (CAPB) is made by reacting fatty acids from coconut oil and Dimethylaminopropylamine (DMAPA) with Betaine. Currently, DMAPA can only be sourced via petrochemistry. This reaction generates an amphoteric surfactant, i.e. a substance that shows both cationic and anionic behavior depending on pH. It is widely used in personal-care products as it has a very good foaming power combined with an extremely mild toxicology profile. It shows also detoxifying power for more irritant surfactants, e.g. SLS, ALS, SLES – this means that CAPB used in conjunction with other surfactants will lower the irritancy potential of the mixture.

The issues around CAPB are related to impurities that may be present in the raw material used to manufacture the ingredient, so this is not a concern for us due to the high quality of the ingredient we use.

NYR is listed as a ‘Champion’ company, with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and our 100% ethics ratings (now for the second year running) should help you rest easy that we got this coco-nuts mumbo jumbo covered.

Props to all the new celebs and well-meaning companies that are popping up in the Organic skincare and wellness industry. Neal’s Yard is a family owned company that has been doing Organic for over 34 years, not because of any mandate or directive or because it was what all the cool kids were doing…RATHER, because it was, is, and always will be the right thing to do.   Hope this information puts your mind at ease this morning and if you are still losing sleep over it please feel free to order a diffuser and some lavender oil from me here:


Helps me.

I’m sold.

Coco nuts and all!

Thank you. Take the rest of the weekend off. Xo