Pelvic Floor Fact and Fiction


After pro-lapsing long enough on my referral to PT for my “pelvic floor dysfunction”…which by the way, I’ve been some dysfunction or another so often this term doesn’t even floor me only it should and here’s why.


There is so much fact and fiction, myth, and lore about the pelvic floor that it’s reflexively easier to ignore than to dive in and discover the truth.

Take for example the following common thoughts I’ve encountered on the subject:

1)  True or False: All you need to do is do some kegals and you’re fine.

False!  Your pelvic floor muscles might be too loose or too uptight.  (weak vs. strong but not as funny)  You are looking for the perfect balance in your pelvic floor, as in all area of your life.  Mo-stability is what some experts refer to it as.  Mo-Stability is just the right amount of mobility and stability allowing for the perfect flexibility we all crave.  That’s what you’re going for.  Kegals might be a part of the plan to tighten up things but they are far from addressing the full monty.

2)  True or False: You should take a break from running while you’re training your pelvic floor.  Running is counterproductive. 

Both!  Depends who you talk to.  I’ve read articles on Dr. Google and watched youtube videos that imply it’s not helpful to run while training the pelvic floor.  Some suggest it may even be counterproductive.  My PT prefers to take a wait and see approach.  I like her.  I also like to run and so we are changing one thing at a time.  If kegals, breath-work and a myriad of other exercises I never knew were allowed, encouraged or even existed work then I get to keep running.  So far so good.

3) True or False:  Doing 3-4 sets of 10 kegals a day, a few quick release breath exercises and 10 or so bridges is easy to remember and fit into your day.

Both!  Find the fun in it and you’ll do it.  Make it a chore and it will feel like one.  Either way, if you want to stop peeing your pants it’s worth the effort and be kind to yourself.  These are really small muscles so a little bit goes a long way.  Likewise, they are sensitive.  Be thankful for the support they give you and support them with someone at one time in return.

Now read my lips and listen up.

Walk, do not RUN ‘till you consult your own PT, walk briskly to a qualified pelvic floor dysfunction physical therapist!  It’s ok to ask for help in this area.  It’s ok to talk about it.  Maybe you’ll get a group discount.  There are group yoga classes designed specifically for you and yours.  Share your story and share your progress.

Gotta love the fact that millions of Americans are living life while leaking pee (LLWLP) and no one is talking about it?!?!  It’s a pressure cooker and I’m happy to sound off about it.

Stay tuned to hear more about my personal journey to exercise my private parts publicly. There is a Santa Claus and I’m about to blow the roof off this not so secret chimney this new year!