Picture Day, Tic Tacs, and Going with the Flow


This is a story about Picture Day, Tic Tacs, and a lesson in Going with the Flow. It’s set to be published later this year by a fabulous friend, but we can’t give away too many details just yet. We’re bubbling over with excitement, so we just had to share a bit with you. Intrigued? Read on for an excerpt.


In 2005, I remarried. We blended our two families.

I went from one child to three with a husband who traveled overnight.

Determined to be the perfect mom, step-mom, CPA, and wife, I aimed to please everyone.

I was totally overwhelmed.

This was not how perfect looked or felt. Enough was enough.

I knew something was about to blow.

On Friday morning, I anxiously awaited my husband’s return from his business trip. I was stressed.

For the fifth straight day racing to catch the bus, I’d roused and fed two teens and a kindergartener (rice crispy treats count right?) and even remembered lunch money.


7:20 am. Picture day. A block off our Wisteria New Lane…my kindergartener screams from her booster seat “It’s up my nose!!!!!”

Screech, slam brake. WHAT?!? Somehow she sniffed a tic tac, we spent 20 minutes searching for, right up her left nostril.

I do what perfect moms do. Scream, berate us both, and pull apart her nose in search of the missing tic tac, again! She insists her nostril is on fire. I call my adoring new husband. He’s in Philly and calmly responds “you better go to urgent care”.

Not convinced, I call our pediatrician and get the answering service.

What’s the reason for my call this morning?

“My 5 year old sniffed a tic tac up her nose”.

Sure I can wait 20-30 minutes for a nurse to get back to me.

“Hold your breath”, I tell my child.

We head for urgent care.

My pediatrician calls back. “Turn around! Don’t go to urgent care, they are not able to handle this. Go to the ER.”


“Yes. Urgent care is inept at foreign objects”

She’s most likely thinking the same thing about me so I don’t question further.

I am lost.

Nurse know-it-all stays on the line to provide me turn-by-turn directions.

She faxes the ER, “Mom is on her way with daughter and a tic tac.”

Excited to read the rest? We can’t wait too. Stay tuned for updates on the book’s release. It’s coming not-too-far from now and it’s definitely worth the wait.

Hannah Onderdonk