Re-Kindle Your Relationship with Your Period


Ever wonder why so many women have such rough time with their period each month?

Well, think of it this way. Have you ever dreaded doing something? The dread itself becomes separate from the actual task at hand, so much so, you might even think to yourself, “this wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.” If one’s perspective on their incoming period each month is dreadnaturally, your period experience is going to be dreadful.

And we understand. We’re not here to say, “It’s not so bad!”

In fact, here are 3 facts on why it s-u-c-k-s.

  1. Past experience = pain.  You have personally experienced cramps, headaches, hot sweats, bloating, pimples, nausea, bleed out, and on an on…

  2. Borrowed beliefs.  Someone told you about all of the above.  It all happened to them.  You now believe it could and might happen to you, and you allow the fear to manifest.

  3. Your Body Becomes Boss. You’re going about your day-to-day, already tackling the business of life, and wham! A superior rises through the ranks and takes control of your schedule. Your body boss adds bleeding and self-care to your evergrowing list of taxing to-do’s… how rude, right? How insensitive! So we defend ourselves with fear and dread.

Relatable as they may be, here are 3 additional facts that will give you a fresh perspective on your period every month.

  1. Past experience= pleasure. You have personally encountered heightened sensitivity and bodily intuition, shed that which no longer serves you, dreamt so big you sweat, expanded and detoxed, and either bled so much you’re in super or even ultra good company with millions of women or actually given birth! A task for no other than you.  Fierce, fun, sexy, pleasure-packed women! This all, of course, comes with an enlightened awareness for prioritizing self-care.  Bonus! Massages, salt baths, time alone (without shame), supportive herbs foods, prayer, and meditations; all these can be the pleasurable experience one looks forward to every month.  Pleasure vastly overshadows pain.  Imagine looking forward to some guilt-free rest and relaxation and help from friends every single month!  That thought does not suck.

  2. Borrowed beliefs. Someone told you about all of the above.  It all happened to them.  You now believe it could and might happen to you. So you manifest empowerment and self-admiration.

  3. Your body is your boss. You admire and respect it.  You’re going about your day-to-day, tackling the business of life and wham! Your superior walks down the hall and so you take a few minutes to thank your boss for knowing, supporting, and treating you so well.

So you share a few conversations together and you listen and you receive, and you and your boss share meals together and laugh and maybe you even go for a walk or hula-hoop it up together.  And because you have such an awesome relationship with your boss, it’s just natural she adores you.  So each says month or so, you might need a little more rest or a little less work or maybe some additional time to get things done and it’s all good.  You’re her best employee. You’re like an extension of her, so you really admire and respect each other and things just keep getting better and better and now that becomes a fact you can rely on every day and every month.