Smoothies for Every Season


Smoothies for every season with a twist of “chi” to align with the Chinese elements.

Fall (metal)


Fall is associated with the metal element. It is a time of harvest and clearing out the clutter, setting aside differences and letting go to settle in for the quieter more introspective yin season of winter just around the corner. If you are like me and you happily spend a lot of time stoking the flames of your internal summer sun worshipping soul, you will welcome the yin energy that arrives with the autumn moons. I love taking the kids apple picking. Often associated with the lungs, fall is a time to breathe in the crisp, cool air around us and enjoy some fresh air maybe a hike or a trail run to begin to create balance in our mind body spirit as we gently transition from yang of summer to yin of winter. We are so blessed to live around the corner from an apple orchard and we have ample supply of local raw honey and pure maple syrup to choose from. Use your sharpest metal knife and carve a pumpkin, pear, and apple to fully enjoy the slice of life around you this season.

1 sliced pear
1 apple
2 tbsp crushed walnuts
½ tsp maple or date syrup
6-8 oz almond or coconut milk
cinnamon /nutmeg optional

Winter (water)


During Winter, the water element takes us to a place of very yin energy. If you are like me and my family who live in the Northeast there are days and sometimes weeks where spending time outdoors is just not inviting our even healthy given the cold snow and ice. The internal comforts of home like Grammies warm knit blanket, slippers, sweaters and an occasional fire in the hearth warm us and keep us sane. It’s definitely a time for chocolate, nut butter and mood-boosting adrenal and thyroid supporting ashwagandha and maca powder. Maca, cruciferous root vegetable, in powder form packs added protein, mood boosting, natural energy boost, and even can help combat brain fog. Let your imagination run wild, movies, concerts, a good book are every bit as healthy as the cocao nibs as treats to treasure this season. The Mayans gave us this wonderful food from the GODS and GOD love upstate NY I’ll take as many nibs as I can get. Lets do not simply survive the winter, let’s thrive my friends. Blend up some comforting healthy goodness and as John Boy shouts to his friends from the movie the Outsiders “stay gold” while you’re stuck inside for the winter.

1 frozen banana
1 tbsp maca powder
1 tbsp almond butter
1 tbsp cocao powder
1 tsp cocao nibs
6-8 oz almond or coconut milk

Spring (wood)


Holy crow, is that green grass I see budding forth from the frost? With spring comes excitement and the hint of yang energy that will shortly follow. Spring is the Wood element and as any yogi knows wood is all about creating space for breath and body to grow, grow, grow. I like to drink my greens complex every day all year long, but if ever there was a time to get your green on it is springtime. Winter can be a sedentary time. Just as stagnant water tends to harbor germs our bodies are much the same. Sluggish winter bodies are set to get out and move. Primetime to add in some detoxifying greens and speed up the process of elimination that our bodies kidneys and liver naturally handle. Please think about adding some greens to the smoothie recipes.

1 sliced peach
½ cup frozen raspberries
zest of a lemon
2 tbsp diced pecans
½ cup plain Greek yogurt
1 tbsp local raw honey
6-8 oz almond or coconut milk
1 tsp hemp or chia seeds (optional)

Summer (fire/earth)


Time to get out and get your berry best day on! Sunny days remind me that the yang energy of the summer can be well… for lack of any better word, HOT. I love to lend a hand to help our bodies create some internal balance when external temps and even moods tend to flare up a bit. Kids are out of school making the daily routine a bit frenetic. Our family tends to host a ton of pool and picnic parties. Between the grillin’ and chillin’ and less than healthy “way cool” food choices I love adding ginger to my smoothies. Ginger is immensely settling to the stomach and also very energetically grounding. And take the time to get out to your local farm and pick some fresh local preferably organic produce. They will thank you for supporting their livelihood and you’ll be taking care of the lively business of balancing your body mind spirit. Cool off under a tree and enjoy some good old grounding and connecting back to the earth before heading into fall harvest time.

¼ cup strawberries
¼ cup blueberries
¼ cup blackberries (local organic fresh in season)
1 cup ice cubes
1 tbsp acai powder
½ avocado
handful of kale or rhubarb
6-8 oz almond or coconut milk
add a bit of some ginger or a few tbsps.. of tart red cherry juice for an added kick