Sugar Cereal Wisdom


I’ll never look at Fruit Loops the same again… We all know there are memories of advice we regret taking that loop in our brain.  One such memory was back when I was a teenager suffering from migraines.

Mom took me to the pediatrician who asked, “Does she drink milk?”

Does she drink milk???  My Mom was/is/always will be ahead of her time.   We were “card-carrying, milk-carton, weekly-school-envelope, milk-drinking-kids” long before the 1995 “Got Milk” marketing campaign began.

So Mom proudly exclaimed! “Yes, she does drink milk!  Fruit loops with milk for breakfast, every morning.”

“Well…” said the same pediatrician,  who applauded her insightful stance on milk for the kids last year… “there is some research that NOW suggests dairy can cause headaches in teenage girls…”  nevermind the fruit loops ????

Poor Mom.  Holy fruit loops! Poor me.

How do we figure it out?  Easy we deprive her for a week.

Wait…No milk for an entire week?!?  How will I eat my fruit loops?

The injustice!  The horror!  Holy cow I was mad!

And so began a week-long ban on dairy in our home to see if my headaches went away, which completely ruined my appetite for fruit loops and for life.  Watered down fruit loops are the worst.  And no my headaches didn’t go away.  In fact, as I recall they got worse.

In this memorable week of my teenage life, I learned two things.

  • Dairy wasn’t causing my headaches (that week) and

  • Externally imposed restrictions leave a really bad taste in my mouth! (any week).

Never one for being told NO…honestly who is?

I became the teen and later the adult who when told “No!” or “You can’t!” said, hell Yes AND Actually I can.

Then I usually did.  Sometimes to my own detriment like when I did marry my ex-husband thinking actually I can change everything wrong with our relationship and then some.  That’s a whole ‘nother blog post for a whole ‘nother memorable week.

Here’s the point today.

As kids, we have to toe the line to a degree.  I mean it wasn’t as if I could milk a cow for the milk that week or could I have?  I digress.

As we grow out of adolescence and into teen-not-so-dumb-dom and finally adulthood we experience what it feels like to make choices for ourselves each and every day.  “Free at last” feeling can be both wonderful as well as worrisome at times.  When we inevitably bump into the great unknown and need to KNOW what the heck to do it’s critical to listen to what comes up for us.

If we’re lucky we have parents, tons of role models, friends, colleagues, pediatricians/doctors that will all impart their advice, well-meaning wisdom, even their recent research/ studies have shown…to us.

When all these thoughts and opinions from others flow on in, I tell my kids to take notice of how they feel and where in their body they feel them.

For example, my headaches usually tell me I’m overthinking a situation and not getting enough rest.  Mixing up my routine, swapping out some fruit loops for some healthier foods and maybe more importantly healthier thoughts and a nap or two almost always settle my mind and migraines down.  Having options and lots of choices helps me immensely too.

When I choose to eliminate a person, place, or thing, I do my own internal and external research and make my own mind up, because actually, I can.   After all, no one knows me better than I know myself.

PS.  You can and do too.