Me and Chi | My Journey to Tajifit


Have you ever experienced something new and thought WOW this is what I’ve been missing in my LIFE?


I first experienced TaijiFit in Kapalua, Hawaii while on vacation with my husband.

My husband and I were immediately drawn to the simple to follow, relaxing and energizing flow of the class.  I am a runner and have raced
in several half and full marathons and am accustomed to a higher intensity workout.  My husband, who used to run and exercise with me, lives in chronic pain. He has three disks fused in his neck. I cannot begin to tell you how nice it was to be able to participate in an exercise together again.

For both of us to leave the class feeling not only satisfied but also, energized was truly a gift!

In the time since returning home from Hawaii, I enrolled in the Gray Institute and became a movement coach, certified in applied functional science.

As I taught my first couch to 5k class, my mind constantly became drawn to the spiritual aspect of learning to run. Physically and mentally I could train and take my runners to the finish line. But I  soon realized their small successes, joy, pains, the daily conversations, and SPIRIT actually carried me to the finish line every time we met.

I kept thinking back to the TaijiFit class remembering how great it was to be transported. At the time, I could equate this feeling to a “runners high”. Yet in applied functional science terms, I had simply reached, lunged, squatted and breathed gently into a space no bigger than my living room.

Initially, I thought how great TaijiFit would be to incorporate as a “cross training” or “rest” day into my running training program. I thought how great to introduce as a spiritual component to my classes. And maybe, it is both, but I now recognize TaijiFit is, as we are,whole and perfect on its own.

How empowering to be able to share it with others who can apply it as they so choose… With permission to “not care” for an hour and just enjoy being who we are.

God willing I will always be able to run. Running has gotten me through some difficult times, empowered me, disciplined me, inspired me, pushed my mind and body to extremes, and helped me to develop lifelong friendships and connections with countless individuals. Though I hope to be blessed to run for the rest of my life, at 41, I am becoming well aware that there will come a day I cannot participate in my sport of running the way I may physically and mentally want to. How reassuring to know that I can keep the Flow going by practicing Tai Chi.

When I coach runners or others interested in exercising their bodies, I benefit as much as they do. I energize them as their coach and that energy somehow comes right back to me as they exercise and play sharing their time and talents with me.

I feel blessed to be able to put into words some of what I have felt both as an instructor and as a student.  And yet, words seem inadequate and confining to even express the gratitude and joy of this journey.