Tripping Over the Weather, Nature, and Caterpillars


Do you trip over little things?

Weather, nature, caterpillars that don’t know they will one day fly?

The other morning I was tripping over the weather.  We had a rare break from blistering cold snowy winter temps weather and were experiencing upper 50’s (cray cray in Upstate NY) and sun, which is even wilder. I flew out my front door taking advantage of the weather to fully enjoy my daily run.  Running outdoors! AHHH!!!! It’s the little things that make my day!

I’m lucky to live in a little community with lots of paved trails that wind and flow through the woods, over ravines, around lakes, parks, playgrounds, even through a golf course in the “vintage section” of my favorite part of the “hood”. I know the trails like the back of my hand. I’ve traveled every inch of them to train on.  I share these trails with more humans, animals, insects and…guides than I can count.  The feedback the asphalt gives me is pure energy. It’s a rush to run outdoors after being cooped up all winter long, as you can see.


As I bounded out excitedly in my element onto one of my tried and true paved trail runs it’s no surprise I’d find myself tripping over a caterpillar.

Q: Who has two left feet and trips over little things?

A: This girl.

Once I picked myself up off the pavement and realized the prankster that tripped me was actually a beautiful green/yellow/black zebra slinky making its way across my path, I just had to stop and take a closer look.  It occurred to me at the rate this “Be-ing” was moving, I would be home, showered, and done with my day. What a chore his life must be.  No wait!  I realized “Mr. C” was as inspired by the unseasonably warm sunny weather in the dead of winter as I was, and he was not to be deterred from his path. True, his journey was no little feat.  Yet, as he inched (millimeter by millimeter) along I realized he was cool with it.  I was staring. (How impolite of me not to introduce myself). I mean we are neighbors right?  Where were my manners?

“Hey bud, I’m your weird neighbor from around the block. Hope to see you this summer. Maybe we can play some tai chi together. You’re doing great!  You’ll be flying in no time! I just love butterflies ya know!”


(YES I really did superimpose, say and lay all of this on Mr. C. in my loud outside voice with my italian-hands-flying).

Hey he tripped me!  My fall saved his little life.  Scraped knee, bruised ego and all; I’m now talking to a caterpillar.

Mr. C completely stopped, probably to say thanks right!  Frozen in time. Lost in the reflection of the sun bouncing off the lake we shared a little moment in time in silence. It was a real trip.  We both had people to see, big things to do.  Off I ran in a flutter, thinking to myself “you’re losing your mind talking to bugs now?”

Then just as quickly my brain fog cleared. I recalled something I heard Esther Hicks relay yesterday morning while I was running on my treadmill.  She offered, “The caterpillar feels no lack in its’ yet to becoming because it is simply BEing what it BE’s and is in perfect alignment with that.”  

AOK for me to be me.  Nice trip.  Message received.  Run on.

Do you think the caterpillar is even aware that one day it will completely transform into a butterfly and fly?

I say.  Who cares!  It sure doesn’t seem attached to what’s to come.  It is completely present in the wonder and work of the now; in the beauty of enjoying every inch of its evolution and journey as it is right now.

Fuel for some good thoughts and more miles to run for me.  These are some of the little things I’m tripping over and felt like sharing.


Back to Mr. C…making his way to where he would form his cocoon. He moved inch by inch, a journey that he intuitively embarked on, possibly called to move by the sun and warmth of the winter day, just like I was called to get outside and put one foot in front of the other, to get my run on. He was on a mission and not to be deterred. I’m thankful he flashed his high beams, and reminded me of my own evolution today.  I really love picking myself up from a good fall.

 Sometimes we get tripped up in life. It happens. Press on, vibe in the vortex of good chi, inch by inch, step by step, all around us. Beautiful transformations on every horizon.

  • Stop every now and again and get a little perspective.

    1. Interview more critters.

    2. Get to know your neighbors.

    3. Laugh and make light of the little things.

There is so much yet unknown awesomeness that can unfold if we just keep doing what we can with what we have, just like little ole Mr. C, slowly but surely making his way and enjoying his path, sharing it a little with me. His aura of ease on his long, tedious 10 ft. journey across the trail, to the woods, to build his home was so inspiring to me.

I get butterflies just thinking about it. Suffice to say I imagine him earning some really beautiful wings for sticking to his path today and blessing me with his gentle reminder to quit tripping over the little things like every time the sun shines in CNY in the dead of winter.  It’s all good in the hood.