Words in Action

Whether you wrote a novel detailing out your 2019 resolutions or you simply summed it all up in one word, good job.  Go you.

It is time to celebrate our words in action.  First of the year, people post their new year’s resolutions. We see posts all over social media, people proclaiming the new way they are planning to  do-this-life-thing, circa 2019.   Journals, calendars, daily intentions… some just shortened the drill down to one “word”.  How millennially efficient! All words matter. It’s month end so lets celebrate.

So…have you done it all?  Have you become your one word? How you doin’?  Are ya there yet?????

I say “hell YES to 2019. I am living my very own tela-novela, resolving and re-resolving and one wording it up every single odd day!” Like you, I live mindfully in motion.  Stay with me…these are action packed words to follow.

Today was a snow day. Kid-care shuffle complete. I left for work early and still I arrived half hour late. I got tangled up in traffic, due to black ice and not ONE, but TWO separate highway accidents, with injuries.   Talk about an in your face wake up call to celebrate words in action. I thought to myself, “Kristin count your blessings and practice some patience”.  These were two of my new year’s resolutions.  

Some days this month I failed epically, but other days, like this morning I really feel I crushed it!  

Break lights ahead had me come to a complete stop, then a snails crawl and as I looked to my right and saw the demolished front end of a school bus that had collided with another school bus just ahead of it, thoughts hit me fast. School buses and kids really get my attention setting the words in my head into action. 

Just this week my daughter had been bemoaning not getting to sit in the last seat on her bus.  I immediately prayed for whoever was in the tail of this bus as it may not have been the “best seat to be in”. 

I started thinking sad thoughts and checked the time.  Worry set in and parked his troubled ass in my passenger seat.  And then it hit me. I was in the drivers seat.

Actions speak louder than words.  Like cars, minds may travel fast but the driver has the wheel and the brake and the power to choose it’s own actions.  Time to act and be mindful of both my words and actions.   It would do me and no one else any good to be sad, worried, distracted AND late.

Reality: I would be late. I was safe.  My kids were home safe.  I was not getting to work on time. I could fret and worry or I could be thankful it wasn’t me in the ambulance, pray for whoever it was, and patiently merge off the highway to explore a different route.  I had a choice, I reminded myself.  With choice comes a fair amount of freedom.  I could see no good reason to keep fretting and worrying and every good reason to let those thoughts go.  I could “love what is”, as Byron Katie reminds. 

I noticed the exit on my right, (love a good exit) that led me off the highway, and landed me right behind an ambulance. Phew, lucky me, I was headed for work.  I counted my blessings. I took the opportunity to practice patience.  I prayed for the person just ahead of me.  It is amazing how helpful it is, to pass the time, to pray for the person just ahead of you.  Highly recommend you give it a try next time impatience slams into you.

Patience, impatience… life is filled with contrast. It’s not all joy and peace and problem free, organized, and on-time. When you are met with an accident on the highway, or the rude waiter, or the nasty co-worker, spouse, or the “wall” itself…meet contrast. Contrast shows you “that which is strikingly different than what you want”.  Say “thank you very much contrast” because it’s your big cue and chance to put your words into action.  

I arrived 30 minutes late to work. I’d rather be alive than on time and turns out the people I work with prefer me that way too. We counted our blessings and practiced some patience. We accomplished more in half the time and we ended the month with a bang. We started it that way too. If your year isn’t quite off to the best start go back to your resolutions and get into action. Maybe practice patience and put your words into action. Did you know patience has no shelf life?

Your resolutions, your words are worth sharing. This is how we resolve to improve our year together. Set your words in action all year long. Celebrating you and 2019!

Today, tomorrow, this year, the next…I would love to hear how you are putting your words into action.   Leave me a comment. Thanks. K.O.